• Global

    Online Marketing knows no boundaries

    To understand and reach your target, wherever they are, you need an international team of marketing experts.

  • Dynamic

    The internet is the fastest growing media

    You need experts that are ready to react to market and user generated changes 24/7. If the Internet never sleeps and neither does your audience, why should your campaign rest?

  • Expertise

    The possibilities of internet are nearly endless

    Having the deepest pockets doesn't always win. Those with the expertise necessary to spend wisely and create the right marketing mix get the biggest bang for their buck.

  • Dedication

    Think of all the abandoned websites that are online

    Internet Marketing requires the speed of a sprinter and the stamina of a marathon runner to keep achieving your goals over time.

  • Focus

    One eye on the target, the other on the market

    While your competitors scream and shout in the online marketplace, you reach your audience with a clear message and the sharpest image.

Products & Services

  • Community Marketing Starter Package Engage and communicate with clients and possible clients in order to foster Branding, Brand Education and Market Research.
  • Search Engine Marketing Generate high quality traffic for the website in order to achieve more contact requests and be able to quickly react to market needs with situation specific campaigns.
  • Blogging Sure, you're an expert at what you do. But do you know how to blog? You know what you're talking about, and we help you say it in a way that shows the world your company's expertise.

Marketing from Heaven, Prices from Earth

At Roninja 2.0, through commitment, dedication and result-driven teamwork, we deliver you the quality you'd expect from a marketing agency with the flexibility and price only offered by freelancers. You get the best of both worlds:

  • Highly skilled New Media Communication & Marketing professionals
  • A team of freelancers seamlessly working as under one virtual umbrella
  • None of the hassles of in-house project management
  • Freelance prices
  • Global & multilingual reach