Your Marketing Plug-in

No marketing plan is complete today without an online strategy .

And as basic as it sounds, online marketing is more than just flashy banners and mail blasts.

When it comes to investing your marketing budget wisely, it’s crucial that your efforts are integrated. We realize your online strategy can not and should not replace or compete with your offline marketing efforts. Think of us as a “plugin”, that “extra something” your strategy is missing.

Sure, you think, but getting an expert team to tailor a custom marketing plan to fit your exact online needs can be both difficult and expensive.

Think again! At Roninja 2.0,  our commitment, dedication and result-driven teamwork will give you the quality you’d expect from a marketing agency with the flexibility and prices only freelancers can offer.

So you get the best of both worlds: Marketing from heaven, prices from earth

  • Highly skilled professionals on New Media Communication & Marketing
  • A team seamlessly working as freelancers under one virtual umbrella
  • None of the trouble of managing the project inhouse.
  • Freelance prices
  • Global &  multilingual reach