How we work

We deliver services in Marketing, Communication & Branding online that integrate perfectly with the rest of your marketing effort.

You know business, we know marketing.

You talk, we listen. It’s not just because you, the customer, are always right. Well, it kind of is. But also it’s about us realizing that no one better than you knows your business, how it works and where you want to take it.

Don’t be surprised if instead of telling you what to do right away, we ask in-depth questions so we make sure we know the ins and outs of what you do.

An online strategy for your company

Then the whole Roninja 2.0 team will meet, brainstorm and develop the best online strategy for your company. Our diverse team of experts with varying areas of expertise, ensures that there are no possibilities left unimagined, that no angles are left unexplored. The best approach for each specific customer is chosen and integrated from the very start.

We’ll bring our proposed plan to you for approval, and then start working only after making sure both you and us are on the same page regarding the strategy and your goals. In other words, we want to get you right!

With a crystal clear plan, the team starts working on the different tasks at hand.

Routine analysis and continual improvement of the interrelated activities is a key element for your company’s online success.

During all of the process, you will have one key account manager. He or she will be your contact, so you don’t have to deal with integrating different project components and project management. You get one-stop shopping for the best quality of online products.

This way, when you hire us -for a whole project or just a simple improvement to your online strategy-  you get the hassle free, top of the line online interactive marketing your company needs.