What is Roninja 2.0

For us, new media is a way of living: it just comes natural.

We wake up and chat good morning over a cup of coffee, discuss projects via VoIP and keep in touch with relatives and friends through social networks. After all, our staff met and relate online! That is how the six people operate despite different times-zones and locales. Each team member is a true expert in their field but realizes that the other members of the team have other skills that are as valuable as their own.

In today’s digital world there is no room for snake oil salesmen

who claim to know everything there is to know about absolutely everything the client needs. For over a year we worked as a team without being actually one, and then it dawned up on us: Why don’t we combine our talents and become a marketing force! Roninja 2.0 was born.

World class online services at affordable prices

As friends and partners, we’ve come to realize that through mutual trust and collaboration, we can provide world-class online services and products at a price that is still affordable for medium size companies and entrepreneurs that are beginning to venture into the online business world.