You are an expert on what you do, that is for sure. But do you know how to blog?

Providing  fresh, interesting and unique content on a regular basis.

If done right, search engines will realize the relevance of your blog and rank it better when users search for topics related to your trade. It will also make users return to your web page in search of that daily or weekly article that makes them learn, think or just laugh for a few moments.

A blog shows a worldwide audience the expert you are.

You know what you are talking about, we help you say it. We’ll help you develop blogging strategies for writing, optimizing (so search engines rank you better) and publishing your blog. From the set up to the Twitter-Feed, we work with you to develop your blog into a professional business card for your company.

We can also support your company in the process of training a corporate blogging team, defining responsibilities and work flow so your team can work together seamlessly.

A good blog post can make your traffic go through the roof

The right blog post will make traffic through your page go through the roof.