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Online marketing is not about having lots of traffic visiting your site. It is about having visitors that are interested in your products, services or offers. It’s like the difference between a shopping mall with thousands of visitors that buy nothing and a shop where most customers make a purchase.

With Search Engine Marketing (SEM) you can bring interested visitors to your website and not just “one-click and leave” visitors.

Inverse Response Marketing:

The days of standing in a soapbox and screaming about your product with a bullhorn are over. Millions of internet users search everyday for information and they are willing to pay attention to what you have to say about your products and services. This is called Inverse Response Marketing. Actually, it is the customer who starts the conversation. You just reach out to the people who are looking for your product or service and turn them into contacts.

We reach potential customers through relevant search keywords of your brand’s market. By tracking your visitors from seeing your ad to where they leave your website, we further refine your campaigns so you don’t generate quality just traffic but results.

You pay for what you get

You don´t have to pay for what you could or might get. You pay for what you actually get, because you pay-per-click or per lead (your campaign has to be at least two months online in order to provide data for calculating the price per lead).

  • We optimize your website from the first contact made with the client to the very last click they make on your site:
  • Choosing the right niche key phrases and not falling for the highly competitive keywords.
  • Ads that catch the attention of the desired type of customer.
  • Landing Page that integrates perfectly with your ads and your desired target.
  • Conversion Page: Easy and simple for the user, yet loaded with relevant information for you.

Your campaign will be more profitable every day and the information obtained from your target will help you make many other business decisions in the right direction. In time, you will know your market much better as a result of reaching out to customers with Inverse Response Marketing.

Google Certification

Google Certification